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Hi PSR. Glad someone chimed in with that info for you. According to Geithain the only difference between 933 & 944 is lower bass & SPL. For my listening distance I should be getting the 944 but from general comments I'm drawn to the 933. What's your story? :-)
I work with bass heavy music and have been working in a relatively small room for long time. Over the years I have heard a number of monitors, although not the Geithains, and my current favourites are the K&H O300's. Within a year I will hopefully move into a larger room and a friend conviced me that the Geithains would be perfect if I wanted a "similar" sound as the O300's but even deeper and more detailed (he was talking about the 901's). I'm now trying to find out if my upcoming room, which will be roughly 7m deep by 4,5m wide, could handle the 901's or 922's. I will certainly try one or both of them and see when I have the space ready but that will unfortunately be a while. Can't wait...