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Old 4th March 2012
Love it!

I bought the 6176 Vintage Channel Strip last summer and have been more than pleased with the sounds I'm getting. I like it best with voices and acoustic guitar. The sound of the 610 pre is crisp and detailed with great presence and combined with the legendary 1176 this unit is truly a winner on a lot of sources.
On drums I really like it on snare drum. If I crank the input of the 6176 I can really get a mean and aggressive rock snare sound. The unit has a great way of taming the transients in a good way. I work ITB and I find the 6176 to give me some of that vintage sound I’ve been missing with other preamps.
Another area in which this unit really shines is with electric bass. I just plugged in a Fender Jazz bass in the Hi Z input, cranked the input gain, added some gentle 4:1 compression and the sound was simply warm, fat and I got that string presence to really support the track. Some more compression ITB and the track was done!
A good feature is that you can split the 610 from the 1176 and use them separately. I really like to send out stuff to the 610 if I want to maybe distort or just warm up a track or to compress the sh#t out of a mono drum room track with the ALL mode on the 1176.
I’m trying to find some cons about the 6176 and that would probably be that after getting this one I really want another one!