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Hello guys,
I own plugiator too, but just use it in the church for live performances, mainly for its B4000, which sounds pretty crappy when you use the internal leslie, but i route it to a Neo Ventilator, which makes it a very versatile solution. Occasionally i also use the Minimax , Pro12, and Prodyssey too.
They sounds amazing IMHO. But never use the L/R Output, it sounds so bad and hisses alot. I use the headphone out which is alot cleaner.
I also had Minimonsta, also demoed Arturia once, and now i have U-he Diva.
Minimax can compete with all of them, and sometimes sounds even fatter. I don't use the filters alot, so i can't say anything about any aliasing, which is irrelevant anyway for me, as i use it mainly for live. But as a minimoog synthbass emulation, a prophet lead, or some odyssey pads source, it really rocks! But you may need an fx pedal for your verb which it lacks, and of course a decent controller with some extra knobs and fader.
It's also very handy due to its size, it's very small, i can carry it around with me and feel awesome having B3, minimoog, prophet, etc, in the palm of my hand. And it's cheap! It's like the poor man's arturia origin, with an extra b3.

So where are the disadvantages? U-he Diva may smoke it soundwise, but still, it's quasi a hardware, no cpu spike problem whatsoever, ideal for live or just playing around. Like i said L/R output is useless, and i also experienced some bug with some CC controller with some plugs, but i haven't spend enough time to track the problem and fix it. I also had some notes hanging sometime when i play too many notes at the same time, but i never play live like that, so it's okay. What else? Oh, preset changes are not that seamless, takes about 2 seconds, it's not multitimbral, it may be an issue for others, but not for me.

Back to the main question, i would rank them:
1. U-he Diva
2. Minimonsta - Minimax - draw
3. Arturia