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Believe me - if they did work we would be using them all over the place. They are cheap and quiet......... what's not to like if they worked?

yeah for sure. This is what i am thinking about..

The only way i was gonna get around it was by positioning them exactly where the smoke rises naturally so when it got to the panels it will at leats take something out the room.

I checked it with the lights off and a torch to see where it goes.

But i guess the pipe thing will be another problem..

WELL, this is why i post here, to get sound advise. I have one day to research about static pressure, tomorrow it all arrives and building will start, unless i find a way to KNOW it will have an effect thats worth it, i will not do it.

I will also look at the site for the computer fans and put the numbers again what i can find for static pressure.

Cheerz guys