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When you come into these quarrels I really "hate" you guys.

Can we just share experiences and thoughts?

@Lunatique, @everyone wants to share:
can you just explain me (in few lines) why did you came with ARC over Ergo and JBL Msc1?

Sorry about that, but I feel it's beneficial to the community if I speak up against what I feel is an unjustified bias/criticism of room correction products. I wouldn't want to see fellow musicians, producers, engineers, composers, sound designer miss out on solutions that could really help them with their productions, just because of severely biased views of room correction technologies.

As for my decision to go with ARC, I'm pretty sure I have mentioned my reasons on the first page of this thread? In general, on paper, it seemed to me ARC's technology is more sophisticated, and I didn't have to be tied to a hardware unit, thus can install ARC on more than one computer and use them simultaneously if I wanted to. My audio sources for both making music and leisure listening are the computer, so I don't have the problem of "What if I'm using something else other than the computer?"