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Patch bay question - tapping TWO signals?


I didn't find an answer using the search function so here goes:

I have a neutrik 1/4" patchbay and I have 1-6 connected to a presonus M80 (8 channel preamp).

1-6 is normalled to the interface inputs 1-6
Then patchbay 7-8 is connected to a tape machine and interface input 7-8
15-16 is connected to a wall outlet (through) which I use for monitoring in the live room.

If I record vocals on channel 1, I normally tap from patchbay 1 and insert it to 15, thus the live room can hear the preamp signal directly, and I record to channel 1 of my interface.

But I would like to also record to tape on some occasions. Is there a way to do this without changing the jacks in the back?

Re-phrased: Is it possible to tap TWO signals in this case?
Perhaps the way I have normalled the patchway is unusual.

Thank you

Ok, so here's what I ended up doing.