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my main issue is buying the right equipment, once i know that then i can work out all the rest accordingly
I wish there was an easy answer, but here's an example of what you're dealing with: depending on the client, you may want API preamps for the close miced drum sound the drummer wants, or a Neve sound. And to add to the dilemma, the overheads could be Neve or API sounding. For drums alone, many engineers use two mics for the snare, two mics for the kick, two overhead, two room mics, one highat mic, two tom mics. That's 11 mics and preamps!

Here's a thread discusssing drum preamps.

I would say get a combination of both Neve and API. But again, this depends on how much the " large amount of money" you have is.

Like I said, I spent 28 K for my studio where I will not be recording live drums, and spread it around on good preamps,good compressors, a good DAW, good DAW plugins, good sequencer software, good A/D conversion, a good DAW controller, good mics, good midi keyboard controller, and money to treat my studio properly with bass traps and broadband absorbers. If I had $50,000.00 I would have made other choices. If I had $200,000.00 I would have made other choices.

The best advice I can give you is start here and listen to the audio clips of the preamp/compressor/EQ/Console-Mixer/Summing Mixer/Microphone shootouts. Then, go to a dealer (if you live in an area where they'll let you demo them) and try them out.

Good luck.