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I saw this on Apple's web site and tout I should post it.

Feb 22, 2012 1:32 PM
This discussion is to inform current Logic users on the upcoming new features in Logic Pro X. First off the software will not be officially released to the public until the new OSX Mountain Lion hits the market. Second the software will be none of what you expect it to be and everything you didn't expect and never knew you wanted in a D.A.W. Let's start with the basics. The GUI will see a drastic overhaul making Logic's workflow more modern and efficient. I can't go in to specific details about the design features but you will love the new upgrades. The first thing you will notice in the edit view is the new media browser, which has touch gesture, capabilities built in so now you can scroll through various screens of content by swiping left to right and up and down to select content. The mixer is designed to WOW! it has a shock factor that will blow your mind. First off it makes use of sonic modeling, yes that's right just as reason modeled their mixer after the SSL, Logic has modeled their mixer after the__________? I won't spoil it for you but OMG! does that thing sound and look amazing. It has a built in EQ & Dynamics section in every audio channel, Midi & Instruments tracks can be routed to audio channels to utilize the EQ & Dynamics. The master section is AWESOME as well. New Instruments & Effects finally and if the other features did not catch your attention these will. Piano's sound unbelievably realistic, the design team spared no expense in making IMO, the best sounding virtual pianos thus far they take advantage of a new technology called Hyper-Realism it captures every subtle nuance of the Acoustic Piano faithfully. They also have physical models of Pianos that are breathtaking as well they don't require as much CPU as the large boutique sample piano's but nonetheless are right on par with them. The electric pianos sound incredible as well Hyper-Realism, and Physical model technology. Composers will love the orchestral libraries which are moderately extensive instrument, articulation and expression wise but the sound is right up there with VSL and I should mention that the notation component to logic is far more professional and has seen a upgrade as well. Logic now has only two main synths that are capable of producing just about any kind of sound you can possibly imagine, again I can't get into specific details but they are packed full of quality presets and crazy tweak parameters. DRUMS & DRUMS of DRUMS the percussion section will make you **** all over yourself first off there are two components to the percussion section a GUI that represents a physical drum kit with independent tracks for each drum by default and second is a groove machine that is beyond sick. The Physical drum kits have various different layers of drum sounds and articulations which provide a very realistic feel to sequenced drums so much so unless you knew other wise you would have never suspected they came from Virtual Instrument. The groove box at first glance has 16 pads which you can drag and drop samples directly from the browser and edit them from the groove box interface each pad has standalone pitch and time stretch properties and much more. The alternate view is of a step sequencer that you can sequence using the step method by point and click. The EFX have seen a major upgrade as well some EFX plugins you will notice right away and some will be your new favorites. I think this new D.A.W. wins on features alone. Logic Pro X is the new revolution in D.A.W. technology. Of course there are lots and lots of new and interesting features I didn't get to mention but this definitely gives you an idea of some of the coolest stuff going in to the new Logic Pro X. What are your opinons on some of the changes listed?
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