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perfect sense mate, I guess i'm just fed up "trying" to get the softsynths as fat as the records I like - a few days ago I just decided to record the microKorg instead and BAM!! I loved it - which has fuelled my quest for a true analog synth for Bass/ strings mainly -
You know, it's funny; I've done this thread for 3 years now and for some reason, this year the response has been different.

The first two years I was accused of being a hardware snob, an elitist and all sorts of crap... funny really heh

The very idea that software is a "stepping stone" seemed to really offend people, even though, in the end, I think I've been proven more right than wrong.

And, I'll openly admit, i prefer hardware, it simply sounds better most of the time and is personally more enjoyable for me. But, like I said, I care most about the music, so if a softsynth offers something hardware doesn't, then that's what I'll use... just doesn't happen to be true most of the time heh

And, btw, the problem I have with the sonics of most softsynths isn't limited to just software, some hardware VA (not all, because some are AMAZING and are favorites), but some share this problem where they simply don't sit well in a mix!

I want to love the Novation UltraNova (I like their K-Station, SuperNova, etc) But that synth just sits there like a dead fish... and that seems to be the case with most softsynths... maybe it's for the same reason you're talking about.

And bringing it around to the bigger point, I think that's why most people eventually move on to hardware, when they hear it, they have that "Aha!" moment.

Thanks for a good discussion... and no worries on reviving an old thread, it's meant to be an ongoing topic anyway.

Where in Scotland are ya? My last name is Jenkins and most of my family are from there (not to mention my first name, which everyone in the states thinks is a typo, ha! )