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Yes to Dungen! I feel like tame impala pretty much got their entire sound on innerspeaker from a single Dungen song. But yes i feel that both of these have awesome drum sounds. We have very similar taste, in rainbows also kills it. The whole spectrum not just drums is unbelievable sounding. I like the way you describe songs as being in there own world. That is a feel me and my brother are going for now. At the same time these people do have the amazing gear at their disposal. But for dungen i feel that of course it is mostly the awesome drummer and an awesome drum kit. His cymbals are like beaches and his snare work so sensitive. We are recording drums in a 12x12 ft room with a 7 ft ceiling. Its tiny. We are experimenting with how much "stuff" we have in the room and every kind of mic placement. Got good sounds today!!