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Hi Pkautzsch.

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Well, there's a fundamental difference between NT-4 and BP 4029: one has two cardioid capsules, the other is a short shotgun M with a fig-8 S.
Actually, the NT4 can also use the omni capsules (NT45-O) available for the NT5. Not that it matters much having two omnis in an x-y configuration, I guess.

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For FX recording one might prefer a MS setup that gives you a very focussed and rather dry mono recording as well. XY setups are not aimed to the center of the sound source and therefore might yield a more colored and less focussed mono signal. Remember: Mono-ing XY is just summing L and R; mono-ing MS results in the S part cancelling out leaving a clean mono signal.
For broader ambiences or "backgrounds" a focussed center might be exactly what you don't want.
Isn't there an XY mic from AudioTechnica as well? Might be worth looking into.
Ok, so I made a mistake. I was under the impression that the BP4029 had both selectable M/S *and* X-Y stereo capturing modes. That's what happens when you read websites at 2 AM... As is mentioned in AT's website, the BP4029 can output a matrixed, ready-to-go, M/S signal through both cables; or the discrete components in the individual cables (M on channel 1, S on channel 2).
For some reason, my brain thought they were talking about "different kinds of stereo", hence the confusion.
I get it now. The BP4029 is only an M/S mic, so probably not the first choice for a more diffuse and relaxed ambient nature recording (although I'll still want to hear it...).

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The NT-4 is quite heavy and bulky.
Many film sound guys tend to leave their boom and ambience mics in their windshield/suspension combos, that way saving lots of setup time. Just screw the basket onto the boom, connect cable, ready to roll. And what could protect mics better from shocks than a shock mount?
Couldn't agree more. The NT4 is heavy indeed, even without the battery.

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That should work with a pair of, say, NT-6 as well. Lightweight setup, with the bodies in the recorder bag.
That is a great idea!
You see, that's the problem with working in front of the forest: occasionally you don't see the trees.
I've been selling NT6 all this time, and never thought of arranging a setup like that. But I'll definitely look into it.