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I could just go TRS to TRS, I just want to know if it could be done. GTQC XLR out to Apollo XLR in, bypassing Apollo pre. Basically, can the pre's be bypassed or turned off via the UA console or Apollo control panel.
You bypass them by plugging into the 1/4" inputs that bypass the preamps.

The XLR inputs *are* the preamps. You would need a hardware switch to jump the mic pre gainstage. It would be a bit redundant to include that with the alternate 1/4" inputs that accomplish the same thing.

Most preamps that allow you to "bypass" the preamp actually only pad down the input signal 20db and call it a day. They don't actually bypass. If you were adamant to use the XLR inputs, build a cable with a couple resistors, or use an inline attenuator.