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Also, from watching this video I have another thought about headphone mixes. It looks like you can use all of your AUX sends to make an additional two headphone mixes if you choose to route the AUX outputs to two of the analog outputs instead of the main monitor mix (although the AUX headphone mixes would have to be mono ).

The downside appears to be though that you will have everthing dry and won't be able make any wet headphone mixes if you also wish to print plugins in the scenario I mentioned in my last post. Now if you're not printing any plugins it looks like it would be much easier to make four separate headphone mixes unless I'm missing something.

I mean the two headphone mixes are nothing more than AUX's themselves really. I just wish UA would have included six or even eight AUX's in the console instead of just two. That would have opened up a ton more flexibility for this kind of stuff.