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To Blastbeat's point, Anytime even the slightest bit of criticism or disagreement comes about Jahrome makes it a point to insert a personal attack or try to deflect and degrade the discussion into a "MPC vs Everything Else" discussion. The guy has made it his business to try to quash any criticism comes Akai's way as if they don't have storied past and nobody remebers how they have handled their customers.

We were talking about the LCD and waveform data? What difference does it make what someone owns uses or? I have an MV and a XL. Other have Maschine or some other vehicle. A valid point is a valid point.

The Ren isn't finished so this is time for real debate-not bitching about it after it's built. If anyone is going to jump when Jahrome actions and sales pitch are addressed they also chime in when he poisons the well with propaganda and misinformation on other devices. Connected or no- he's marketing on behalf of Akai pure and simple.