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From work to play....I am using either a dual screen monitor set-up or a single 30" monitor. Why on earth would I want to look at a 6" x 2" LCD screen? There is a reason why software samplers are the #1 choice today. Now I get a software sampler that has a dedicated controller so I don't have to mouse-click unless I want to.

I can say outclassed for two reasons.....I own Maschine....and I have seen the "vaporware".
Why did you buy maschine in the first place if your riding akai's coatail? I don't even think you make music. Did you know NI is second in interface sales behind avid. This is from the 10 anniversary party. I come from an MPC background. I'm looking forward to the newer version maschine, so it can finally shut Jahrome up.