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Vocal monitoring solutions for gigs in small spaces?

Hey guys,

I play in a blues/soul band. We play mostly in small, noisy bars. Because of this, we are usually really crammed into a small corner, and with the loud crowds and with our drummer, we tend to require fairly high volume levels.

Of course, this causes a few issues. It tends to work out worst for our vocalist. Female vocals sometimes struggle in these situations - she feels she has to strain her voice to hear herself.

There ain't much room for any kind of large fold-back monitors, and all the amps and drums are in such close proximity that there will be feedback issues if P.A volume is pushed too high.

I was wondering would in-ear monitors be a solution for these circumstances?

It's one of the few pieces of equipment that I am really not familiar with at all so I don't really have a good understanding of how they work.

Considering her close proximity to the loud instruments, she really only needs to hear herself in the monitors. The main problem at every gig is that she can't hear herself. A lot of the time it's just because she is situated behind the P.A and she can actually be heard quite clearly by the audience.

For what its worth, for live gigs we use an old Yamaha O1v96 - very small gigs so mainly just for vocals. Occasionally a little guitar cab and bass drum micing at slightly bigger gigs.

Thanks guys, Sorry for the newb question - I am not experienced at monitoring solutions!