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Are you serious? Just because Apple was already charging $999 for their 27" monitor...which is, what, five or six times what the average 27" monitor costs these think it is reasonable?

Not to mention the fact that Apple sells a huge amount of their displays. The Apollo is a relatively nich-ey product, and the cost to engineer the Thunderbolt card will have to be spread across a number of units that's a small fraction of what Apple sells in displays.
My point is, Thunderbolt is cheap technology. If TB was costly, Apple wouldn't be throwing it in as a penny-for-penny replacement for the DVI interface. I used Apple as an example exactly because it is a premium price. If the top of the line TB computer monitor is only $999, no more than it's DVI counterpart, what is UA doing charging $500 for what is essentially only a connector?

If you don't like the Apple example, take thirty seconds and Google a TB external drive or something.

There will be nothing special about the UA TB card. It will be an Intel chip with a TB connector on a PCB board with a flange. All the internal software, the ability for the Apollo to recognize and use Thunderbolt, will be in the Apollo as part of its firmware. There will be little, if anything, proprietary on that card.

I'm not suggesting UA should give it away for free, but simply it's gouging to charge several multiples of what will be their landed cost. Do you really think the TB card is 25% the cost of the Apollo itself?