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What Happened to Tangerine Dream?

I guess this is a bit of a moan, really (but probably better here than the Moan Zone).

I got the 35th Anniversary DVD yesterday and while I'm only halfway through it, am rather disappointed already.

Sound quality aside (sounds like an overcompressed VHS recording), technical issues forgiven (Pheadra '05- very glitchy sequences) it really does come across as a half-arsed attempt at recreating their music.

Stuff like Rubycon and Underwater Twighlight, where they are just playing digital synths (the same sounds they've been using since 1986) over a playback of the original tracks just seem like a real cop out from a band that were IMMENSELY creative, progressive and innovative during their heyday.

I realise that some of these tracks are extremely complex, but surely they are more than equipped and experienced enough to put together a new live performance of them, even with new sounds.

It's quite nice to hear the piano performances on it though (and Edgar's humour in dusting the thing off for the Ricochet opening), but what's going on with that piano? It really sounds like either bad edits or notes just cutting out.

I know that opinion of their music from the mid 80s onward tends to polarise fans (in my opinion, it's been generic, samey and twee since about 1988- perhaps this is a symptom of that same thing?), and I'm not criticising pre-programming thing (part of their thing and kind of necessary for this sort of show) or accusing of miming (this is often just bad video editing and common for electronic shows) but Klaus Schulze does a better job on his own than they manage with up to 6 musicians onstage.

I'm kind of relieved that I didn't get tickets for the coming Berlin show (and shelled out for flights and hotel..)