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I'm not going to unequivocally accept it because there are other major, respected manufacturers that disagree with the sources you've posted. Many very famous and successful mixers have used a horizontal setup for years. And sometimes (especially in a home studio) you must make a choice between the lesser of two evils. For example, the tweeter height vs your ear height is far more important than the minor phase relationship you speak of. If a bedroom guy needs to put his speakers on their sides to achieve that correct tweeter height then he should it before worrying about other things. There are priorities. What if a vertical setup creates terrible room modes because of the location of the woofer, and moving the woofer 6" to the horizontal spot makes a huge difference? That certainly takes precedence over minor phase relationships too.

All things perfect, you're right by most accounts. But things aren't always perfect, and perfection is not necessary to make a world class mix. I just don't want anyone to lose sight of that fact.
well yes - of course you're making perfect sense now, I agree with you other than, as I posted previously, one article I quoted points out that it is superior to put a speaker upside down than on it's side if your goal is tweeter - ear level positioning (which certainly can be important, agreed).

However, there are no manufacturers who disagree with the rules of physics in what i posted - they can't disagree - they are scientific facts that they have all worked with in their designs, however some manufacturers state vague things like "this speaker works fine positioned vertically or horizontally". This is such a generalization that it really is disappointing to see in a studio oriented speaker. They really owe it to their prospective buyers to state clearly that the speaker will work fine, but performance will change as is true with any standard multiway speaker design, and show why/how as genelec does so the buyer can make intelligent decisions about how to properly install the speakers.

If focal et al (whom I respect immensely for their designs, if not their marketing literature) would be more accurate and informative, then this wouldn't have been a bone of contention at all as much as what I intended it to be .... an informative lesson to try and help the OP and anyone else taken from the particular knowledge that I happen to know a fair amount about. I certainly appreciate learning from others about things that I don't know so well (of which there are many).

edit: by the way, thank you for explaining your point of view more clearly to me in your last post, I appreciate it and I agree with your point about room modes and tweeter location of course. What you're saying there is very different from disagreeing with the facts I was pointing out. Cool.