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The only other "stance" that could be different from the evidence I was using to teach the OP the best way to do things, is the stance that there is actually no benefit to putting your speaker drivers in a vertical array.

What advantages are there to sideways mounting? for acoustic reasons I mean? Sometimes it's the only way to fit two sets of speakers or something like that. But it is NOT just Genelec who decides the laws of physics, and I quoted SEVERAL articles, not just genelec's, in saying that vertical is superior, and they all say it's for the same reasons, and one even went to far as to say that if your tweeters are too high in that setup then it's better to have the speaker upside down than on it's side.

Why can't I just present facts, as I did, stripping the off-topic content? Why do I have to find more than 3 or so examples, as I did? Do I now have to provide factual evidence from every manufacturer or make sure that they stop saying casual misinformation remarks like "it's ok to put this speaker vertically or on it's side" so people like you think that the performance is identical either way.

Performance is NOT identical in either position. Yes the speakers work almost identically in both positions, but we are engineers here - people who argue about the sonic benefits of converters that are 1db different at -110db signal level (effectively inaudible). The differences I'M talking about are FAR more dramatic than that. This is fact, proven for decades, and something that I thought maybe the op (and someone else who proved that they aren't aware of these facts) would like to learn about.

All in the interest of trying to get teh best sound possible.

Again - sideways works fine, sound identical (unless your monitors are above your mixing desk in which case having the tweeter higher is ALWAYS better for first reflections), until you move your head from side to side, which is the way we frequently move in a mixing situation. Why exactly that you can't accept it, even with proof, is beyond me.
I'm not going to unequivocally accept it because there are other major, respected manufacturers that disagree with the sources you've posted. Many very famous and successful mixers have used a horizontal setup for years. And sometimes (especially in a home studio) you must make a choice between the lesser of two evils. For example, the tweeter height vs your ear height is far more important than the minor phase relationship you speak of. If a bedroom guy needs to put his speakers on their sides to achieve that correct tweeter height then he should it before worrying about other things. There are priorities. What if a vertical setup creates terrible room modes because of the location of the woofer, and moving the woofer 6" to the horizontal spot makes a huge difference? That certainly takes precedence over minor phase relationships too.

All things perfect, you're right by most accounts. But things aren't always perfect, and perfection is not necessary to make a world class mix. I just don't want anyone to lose sight of that fact.