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I didn't or even intend to win. I showed you all the proof and explained why it is better to do it a certain way. It's up to you to use the knowledge you gain to your advantage if you choose to do so.

Proof from the engineers at genelec themselves. Pretty basic stuff here.

If you can't understand the explanations, you may have trouble when working with multiple mics on the same source as well since it is the exact same phase relationships we're talking about here.

The specific speakers you pointed out, assuming they knew what they were doing in the design, worked with the knowledge of the frequency range of the crossover band range to ensure that the drivers aren't so far apart, horizontally, as to cause phase issues. Some of those designs may end up with subtly different ideal toe in characteristics, which as explained is always a good thing but changes from speaker to speaker.

I can't understand how you could be arguing that the evidence is wrong.

Anyhow - as I said, I know I bored people with WAY too much evidence, way too many articles on the subject, all in an effort to ensure that people can make the best choices, specifically the OP with regard to his room modes situation.

Hopefully some of the info I spent quite a bit of time collecting is actually appreciated and helpful to someone, if not to yourself. :-)