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Well, then (note to self) you too would be yet another engineer to avoid.

I've been in many studios and I've never known any studio owner to think that they own someone's tracks (that is, unless payment is not made, and even then there is no true default ownership, as in the studio having rights or the ability to use those tracks).

Call 100 well established studios and I can tell you that you will get 100 answers that concur. Call 100 newbies and possibly get 100 different answers.

Seriously, this kind of misinformation is scary. A whole generation of engineers that think they can just hold someone's music captive for no legal reason. With some lame perspective that the client was paying for time, but not the actual recordings?!

Ask people with EXPERIENCE and you will see how wrong you are.
I'm just showing you how impossible this situation will be for you, and trust me pal, you avoiding me wouldn't be a negative thing from my perspective.

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