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incorrect. it's simple physics. there are monitors, as with the very bizarre ones you pointed out in that post, that don't work on the same concepts. extreme crossover designs can reduce the audible effect of crossover phase distortion from two drivers outputting the same sound at the same time, but it's not what you find in almost every single monitor ever made..
Ok, so just to get this straight you would consider monitors like the Truth TA-1P, Focal Twin 6 Be, Focal SM9, Adam SX3-H, Dynaudio M1 (and M2), typical Augspurger mains, ProAc response D's, and K&H O300 to be very bizarre?

Okay. I guess. I'm not sure how you qualify "don't work on the same concepts" when that extremely respected B&K monitor that I posted a picture of isn't even an MTM design. So you're just going to gloss over that and say "well it's based off of different science and they did x-over voodoo to make it ok"? Right.

My point is that moving off axis period is a bad idea. There's no way in hell I would expect to get any kind of decent monitoring done on any speaker set that wasn't planar or electrostatic by "sliding around the mix desk". Not going to happen. Also the Genelec 1036a's 18" aren't "subwoofers" at all. They are crossed over at 400hz to the 5" midranges. But please, go ahead and enlighten me as to how K&H made such a grave error with the design of their venerable O300 model. Maybe you need to call up their engineering dept and explain how they made such a basic mistake and that it should be fixed immediately.

Also, moving left or right period will effectively change the perceived volume from one channel vs. the other (remember, with point sources - halving the distance is equal to a 6db boost in volume level) and therefore imposes a different equal-loudness contour type response on what you're monitoring in one ear vs. the other - further screwing up your ability to make reliable mix decisions. Considering that with horizontally aligned drivers this effect isn't exacerbated as badly means it really comes down to picking your poison. While we're at throwing out quotes from respected authorities, how about I throw in something from UBK in response to this same issue of which is "scientifically" the better way to situate a monitor:

"the one that offers the best balance of a sound you like and performance that delivers. the only way to suss that out is to try it." - UBK

It's fine that you want to come out guns blazing assuming that because you've bombarded the thread with information that has a general relation to the topic that you've "won" or something but honestly it's not like you can just say "oh it's simple physics" and then throw out an argument by authority based on a single company. Maybe you haven't heard of the very very very many schools of speaker design. There are so many out there it's almost silly to argue "who's right". But of course that wouldn't make your camp any different than any really in seeing that you believe it's your way or the highway apparently.