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...I've also been considering the Radial JDI, although I've been told this DI is more geared towards live use?...
I got a JDI for home-studio use (active bass/electro-acoustic gtr) and it works well in that role. It sounds great. Bang-for-buck, I found it positioned nicely between the more expensive options - Raindirk, Countryman, Reddi, Little Labs - and the Radial Pro DI.
Although the JDI is a great live DI, I might have opted for a less-expensive model if it were only needed for that purpose. For the studio, the quality of the signal path is the real draw IME and the build quality is a bonus.

I tried the JDI with passive electric guitar and found the sound to be OK but darker (than active DI)...perhaps OK for some styles but not bright enough for all.