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Dont use Black cabs if you can help it. They are expensive and uncomfortable.

If you want to use cabs I suggest - very good service clean and professional (online, phone and iphone app) and good value. You get a quote before booking and they get to you pretty fast.

I just put the Hotel and Battersea postcode in and the quote was £55 and 1hr 10 mins, or £40 into central London. Thats not bad as the hotel is a long way out...

Also - if you want to use public transport use English - Journey Planner - Transport for London
Indispensable for London travel. I had a quick look and you can get a train from near your hotel to Kings Cross...

I second Camden - if you are in the North its a fun spot to visit. Go to the Camden Locks then have some lunch/Beer in The Lock Tavern or in the market.
If you want to drink where Winehouse etc did you can go to the Hawley Arms.

Not sure Id have Battersea Power Station so high on the list - unless they have an Art installation/exhibition on...