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PRESETwise i mean, before anybody gets upset. I am all about the preset. There are alot of great synths out there that do alot of great things, but to just open a killer sound bank sit down and start playing, and not worry about having to "manufacture" the sound youre looking for, AS FAR AS I KNOW no sound banks pack a bigger punch than spectrasonics. That being said i reeeeally dont want to throw down $800 just for omnisphere and trilian. Maybe there are perfect synths out there for me and i just havent met them yet? i currently use several kontakt instruments, Alchemy, some best service stuff, and have an arsenal of sonivox plugins (which im sad to say IMO sound like crap compared to the others listed). While i WILL add omnisphere and trilian to my collection one day, i can think of a number if things id spend that kind of money on before i throw it down on just 2 soft synths, so if there are any synths i can get that spectrasonics sound quality from for a fraction of the price, please let me know!

Preset wise, probably nothing. For in-depth editing and just plain old toying around, there are options that are the euqal of Omni.