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Sorry pluto,
But these rules were standardised along time ago , for thee sole purpose of continuity for the people that have to actually sight read and play this music, for the songwriters!
I can safely say the amount of times ive either been in a recording session or on stage reading charts written by singer songwriters, 99% of the time when something goes wrong, it is due to composer/songwriters etc not writing correct charts.
Now I'm happy to be paid for that time I spend in a studio trying to decipher an incorrect chart, but wouldn't it make more financial and musical sense , to have a look at some of these standardised rules. professional session muso's are high trained trades people, you may or may not be playing with people like this, but you learn what not to do very quickly when your paying 3 or 4 professional who are trained in theses rules, trying to create beautiful music from a chart that makes, no sense!
This has every thing to do with songwriting

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