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I'm curious.. How exactly is it that you know this?
I already explained it below.

I owned pretty much everything with UA tag (still have their great 6176, 1167 and UAD-2 Quad) and observe how their policy develops.

Vastly advertised Twin-Finity series is a beautiful shame.
I had 4-710d long enough to tweak it and thoroughly reveal its value.
It's pretty much worthless if you're looking for a serious piece of gear.

It's flat, dead, deceptive, it's the looks over the performance, it's just a trick to get your hard earned bucks

With 4-710d (4 channel pre, solid state/tube potentiometer, onboard AD converters, 4 backlit VU meters) UA entered the world of swiss army knives being nothing more than high polished turd and they soon will reign there.

Their last few pieces of gear look and sound like cheap chinese versions of great UA gear.

Of course they're now made in China.

Please, just don't expect the Apollo to be better than that.
It won't be, because nobody would make a studio grade gear priced like a home studio toys.

Perhaps one day we'll all bow down to some Really Nice All-in-one, but understanding UA's current policy I'm quite sure it's not the Apollo