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Just spoke to my "sales engineer" at sweetwater and he told me they'll be getting their 1st batch the 29th of this month then another batch the 1st week of march. He told me that when I pre-ordered it but I just wanted to confirm about "UA running in to production delays." Looks like it might be a rumor or for people who ordered theirs after the first 2 weeks from it being announced. Or it can be true just for other dealers. Who knows?... All I know is that I was told that sweetwater will be getting their 1st shipment of Apollos on time. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. I ordered my Apollo Quad the 1st week they were announced so I should be getting mine out of the 1st batch Feb 29th. I've been dealing with sweetwater and the same "sales engineer" since early 2006 so I doubt he's lying to me. So it looks like I'll have mine with in the next 2 to 3 weeks (fingers crossed). Decided to add a UAD-2 Satellite Quad Omni (with full UAD plugin Library) just to make the experience that much better. . My studio is about to get a shot of steroids. Like I said, if I can get really great mixes using my digi002 or my Mbox 3 Pro with waves plugins... I can't wait to hear what my mixes are going to sound like using the Apollo quad, a Satellite quad and adding UAD plugins to my arsenal. The Thunderbolt connection is just going to make it even better. Have yet to use the Thunderbolt port on my new full-blown 17" Macbook Pro so I'm anxious to see what it can do. This thing is a beast. Combined with the Apollo Quad & [/IMG]
This will no doubt be a sick system but also, WOW you spent $7K pre-release and seemingly never having used UAD plugs?!?!?! you are a braver (and/or richer) man that I... regardless when these things are actually available you will move to the front of the UAD Class and MUST report back to us