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hey guys, about to build an studio and i need your help ! pic included

hey guys.
i'm new to this forum. I'm a drummer from israel and i am just about to build an acoustic training room for my and my band.
okay so i don't know much about acouscits so i thought i should ask the pro's !
I got recently a room that is about 200 square meters, and i want to close a little corner with some drywalls.
my first Q :
is drywalls good from acoustic's ?
anyway the corner that i choose to do the room is rounded. is it good or bad ?
i want to make a room that one dry wall is about 3-5 meter (depend on which is better) and the second one would be 3-4 meter . and the ceiling is 2.2 M. and the rounded wall is concrete.
so here's a sketch included.

looking forward to your early responses.