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Old 20th February 2012
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The acoustic hangar is not a resonating panel. Conversely, a metal plate resonator ideally would not hang or rest on anything either. No biggie though, i'm not trying to shoot you down. They both look similar. An acoustic hangar is a bit hard to use if you're doing something other than a non-environment type of room because its so absorptive, if somewhat unpredictably so. A metal plate resonator, however, can be made either more or less absorptive, depending on how you desire the result. Also, a single metal VPR will attenuate LF if places where it is supposed to go (area of high pressure), a single acoustic hanger will not work at all (aside from the absorption that is hanging). So the only similarity is casually optical.

I wonder where G.E. stands with his testing, i subscribed to this thread with great anticipation! Hopefully its still alive!