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Practicality of recording wild tracks for your M & E

Hi Geo,
The way I understand the making of a feature film M & E track, all the production dialogue, on site recorded sound, (footsteps, plates clacking, etc.) are removed, then the sound editor goes back through the entire film and replaces those on site sounds, (footsteps, plates clacking, etc.) along with ambience and the music score to make the final, clean, M & E track.
This sounds labor intensive and expensive, so I was wondering if time and money can be saved if during production, the actors run through a take without dialogue for every angle shot, thereby recording a “wild” effects track to be used for the M & E.
Recording wild tracks are done for dialogue is common, since actors are usually still “in-time” with previous takes, so I was thinking that the same would be true for having actors go through a take without speaking and recording the other sounds they make.
As always I’d appreciate your opinion on this
Thanks - Craig