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Actually if you are that kind of person then you should be building your own pre amps and so on. Talk about saving money!!!!!!!!!!!
Thought about it... I have a tech friend who does repairs for my local shop who could assemble these for me at good price. But really in the end the savings are minimal, because the parts themselves are costly, being high quality for most models available. If you add resale value in the balance (ESPECIALLY if you didn't buy pre-assembled), it's not as tempting as it might seem, at least for me...

Building your own acoustics, on the other hand, is a fun father&son project

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I just recently finished the frames for my panels, and honestly didn't even need many tools. I borrowed a co-workers miter saw to do all of my cuts, which saved me SO much time. I cut enough 1x2s for 8 panels in like 2 hours, maybe less (also, just to note, thinner wood will save you a ton of time cutting, as well as make your panels weigh less). Other than that, I used a hammer, a large clamp that I got at a swap meet for about $3, a staple gun, a box cutter, and some wood glue. There are definitely many ways to make these panels, but I tried to simplify it as much as possible as I am by no means a carpenter, or much of a handy man.

Edit: Oh, and the 1x2 furring strips that I used normally come in 8' lengths. I asked the people at home depot to cut all the ones I bought in half so they would fit in my car. Even though they sometimes do charge for cuts, I was never charged for any cuts when I was there. So, half my cutting was done for me as well, which saved me even more time.

Well, i bought many things that I plan to use not only for the room reatment but for the actual structure as well, and maybe for a few things outside. Plus It's always nice to have a few tools available downstairs. I just had a brand new house built and I'm in the late 20's, plus I didn't have any tools at all yet... I'm buying stuff i'll probably keep for a long time...

It's also a little challenge I put myself into!