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Whitney was a huge, huge talent, and also a VERY serious drug addict.

So bad, that it became almost impossible for her to work in the studio most times.

My friend was her recording engineer forever. He ran her recording studio in NJ for years. (He was also an SSL rep.)

He said that it got really bad trying to record her for many years. She was constantly running out of the room, sweating, and coming back in with towels to wipe away the sweat. Neurotic, yelling at everyone. Just impossible, many times.

So, this is not to slander Whitney. she had a REAL drug problem, and it affected all aspects of her life.

She was a wonderful talent - huge talent - with a gorgeous voice.

One of my favorite singers of all time. I'll NEVER forget the first time I heard your voice.

I will always think of you like this - RIP, Whitney. You were a true inspiration to so many.