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There is certainly a sense of reward that comes from DIY'ing it... maybe even some fun. But doing it solo (like I did) means losing time spent with family, wife, kids, friends, etc. In fact, I also have a big sense of guilt from all the time it took away from spending with my wife and kids, so I've been working to make up for it a bit. But on the other side, I'm looking forward to having my brother come and record a bit in the room now, so there is that.
You're totally right.

Regarding my situation, I have alot of days off during the week because I work day, evening and night shifts on rotation (every two weekends as well), and my GF works 9 to 5 mon-fri. So by default I got alot of time by myself to work on that...

I can tell though, that for people working 8 to 5 together, it can quickly occupy most of the free time and cause conflict...Or on the opposite side it can just remain unfinished indefinately. I would've considered going another way in that situation.

I should've considered that.