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How to best use my GIK room kit?

Hey guys,

I'm in a small (tiny!) room measuring 220cm x 275cm with a ceiling of 234cm.

I just purchased the GIK Room Kit 1, which has 3 acoustic panels, 4 bass traps, and a monster bass trap.

I'm wondering about the best setup for this in my room?

I presume the Monster bass trap will go deirectly behind the listening position on the rear wall.

Acoustic panels will go on the side walls and one on ceiling, at reflection points.

What I am unsure about is the bass traps...

Should I just go for one in each corner at the height of my monitors?

Stack two in each front corner beside the monitors and leave the rear corners bare? Maybe two on the wall corner and two on the ceiling/wall tri-corner?

Any help would be appreciated before I start putting holes in my walls!