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Originally Posted by Retinal View Post
I have them both, and I def don't feel the xPressor to thin out the sound.
You *can* thin out the sound if you want, because the xPressor is really
one of the most versatile stereo compressor I've ever tried/had.
Ratio is very sensitive, as soon as you go over about 4:1 it really pins
the material down and you need to really dig into its controls
to find the right setting. It can be very easy to set and at the same time
iit can take some time to find the right spot, but that's only because you have so many possibilities with it.
With the sidechain you can let the lows pass thru while
controlling the mids and high freq, so definitely you can make the material
sound bigger, the GR limit also helps in that.
If you don't mess with the "advanced" features (negative ratio, log rel, warm mode..) I'd describe it as a clean, easy to dial in tracking and mixing comp,
when you start to play with all the controls it can really gives you some weird effects and sounds no other compressor can.
The Retro is also versatile for having - compared to the xPressor - the basic controls and being a mono varimu comp, but it has it's own color which is more pronounced than the Elysia, I love its color, is again a very unique sounding comp but it doesn't go well with everything, the xpressor I can't imagine NOT finding a setting that doesn't fit, whether is clean dynamic control, some extreme effect or just a bit of color (mix knob is a very nice feature).
The DW has a mid freq bark that sometimes can be too much, don't expect a big low end thickening effect with it, but it does add some weight, behavior is very smooth but I was impressed how it can mistreat a mono room on drums.

Overall, they are so very different, not really comparable, one is mono, the other is stereo, xPressor can do so many things, the DW has more character..
Choosing between one of these two would be very hard, it really depends what other compressors you have
For the last 12 years, I`ve been using the Avalon 737 for tracking. The compression on the 737 works quite nicely for vocals, bass & acoustic gtr.

If I`m looking for something more aggressive, I will compress ITB using the Waves H-Comp, the Renaissance Comp, the CLA collection. Honestly, I cannot validate spending a $1,000 on a 500 series compressor.

From the samples I have heard on the Elysia, there is nothing it does that I cannot duplicate with plugs. The difference I hear between the Retro & the Elysia is that the Retro adds warmth to the signal. Obviously one is a stereo unit, one is mono but I`m talking more about the sounds of these units.

The Retro is turning my head.