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Originally Posted by Jens Eklund View Post
....... Too small for an LEDE-style room; no.
DIY people almost always presume that back part of the LEDE type of the room need to be with (literally) stiff and rigid boundaries and there aren't any absprption in most cases (as far as I see from my experience). This approach is pretty simplified. At the end they will build a room with wild bass response below 200Hz and flutter echo from the back at listnening place, because back wall, and back parts of side walls/ceiling didn't have anything apsorptive, so all the "benefits" from Initial Time Delay Gap will be masked, with inarticulate bass response and flutter echo, at least.
Because room is very small, all primary and secondary axial room modes both are in 20-100Hz range, from any dimension of the room, so he will have a problems to dampen it, especially if he need to have back surfaces reflecitve above ~200Hz. (this mean six very strong axial modes below 100Hz and above 20Hz, needed to dampen)

This isn't a easy task even for professional.

This is a reason why I suggest to nomoreflakes a MyRoom Design because this design methodology introduce air transparent diffusion and all reflection energy which is loosed because open slots in diffusers we replace with side and ceiling diffusion, so even room was totally dead, after we dampened all the room modes in the best possible way, with this type of diffusers we bring back life into room again, so room become more friendly and natural for user, with excellent potential for mix translation.

At least, even makers of LEDE design never intended this principle to rooms which are that small, people try to implement it but without much success.
This is a reason why I designed something easier to implement in the small rooms, with better results. All diffuse early reflections are phenomenal and surprising experience for listener, btw. heh