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Originally Posted by Zachariah View Post
"Printing to tape" - means recording something to a tape machine (that was years ago).

this phrase now can be used interchangeably with "bounce" or "mixdown"

Careful...this is confusing a couple things..

"Printing/recording/committing to tape" in the sense the OP mentioned is a term used in tracking. Like everyone here mentioned, it's recording a signal WITH effects through the channel path and not doing it after the fact in the monitor path/mixing process.

Bouncing/mixdown is WELL after the fact of printing FX to tape during tracking. In fact this is one of the last stages of the mix. If you are doing a Bounce to Disk or final mix down, you are at the end of the process. Now, you may be sending this to a mastering tape deck, however it is different than tracking "to tape".

Kind of two ends of the process.

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