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Here for the gear
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Uh, that looks freakin' AMAZING Mike! Good work!!

More does it sound?

And if you did test the room, you should post the results up!

Again, congrats on the build. The drywall definitely helps give a sharp, great looking edge. Also love the odd shape of the ceiling/wall/wall corner traps.
Thx kasmira - I had to dig for some before charts, taken so many measurements over the years, start/stop, some uploaded to picasa web, some in folders......

How does it "Sound"? - subjectively night and day, truly I can feel a pressue wave come over me, when guest come over love to demo some LFE movie clips. (Kung Fu Panda Ska-doosh is favorite)
The 2nd row now has consistent seat-seat response - and room gains clearly shows, the 1st row still some nulls to work out.

The problem with taking data - or maybe just my problem, when I get data/analysis, then I know the issues in my HT. Nobody else, I mean nobody else hears them.
Everyone is overwhelmed because it is so much better than what they have in their home.
Anyway, guess OCD comes with the HT hobby.

For reference, here is the HT layout/other info:

Before, these are from Jan-2009 timeframe, 2nd row seat #6 only shown here.
There was seat-seat variation in 2nd row back in 2009.
These are from when I was trying different PEQ filters.
The purple is before any filters, the middle green is after 2 PEQ filters.

after, these are from July-2011 time frame:
These are all via the Ext In, no Audyssey EQ applied,no PEQ applied either, raw IB sub <> room response.
1st row has seat-seat variation, yet the modal ringing is decent and bass sounds very clear.

Here is 2nd row, these are the "money seats" for LFE!
Room gain shows itself clearly.

Hopefully not TMI....if so I can edit out some charts.....
For fun, heres a video clip of KFP "skadoosh" made back in kind to me