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microtonal support & more nice products like these?
Hi! The initial release will be equal-tempered, 12 semitones per octave only. However, we have been talking about just tuning and non-western scales, as well as harmonic series, fibonacci and other scales. I'm a big fan of Metasynth, which has a very cool user-defined scale system, which is great for sound-design, and I'm 50% Turkish and really dig the BladeRunner-esque flavor of some of the Tribal Percussion vs Auto-Tune club music coming from Istanbul....some ueber-awesome music from non-western culture nowadays, and we'll want to be part of that :-)

Won't happen before v2 at the earliest, though --- it's not trivial to implement something like that in an easy and transparent way.

As to more products: oh YES hehhehheh