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Any slutz here who worked at Ultrasonic Studios in Hempstead or can tell us a bit more about these studios? I'm desperately trying to find out more about it, but there is hardly any information on the web at all. Which comes as a surprise considering that dozens if not hundreds of shows were recorded there in the 1970s and broadcast on WLIR 92.7 FM. Stories, info and juicy pics most welcome!
Hi guys. Ultra Sonic was owned by Bill Stahl. John Bradley, Steve Goetz, Jeff Kracke, Michael Colchamiro (who later changed his last name to "Tapes") and Robin Longmate were the engineers in the era of that picture. Don Casale had also worked there before I came on the scene. The console everyone is trying to figure out is a custom console wired by a guy named Herman Baer (sp?) It was based on Fairchild FICM modules coupled with Lumitens faders and more gain stages than you could shake a stick at. They had 16, 8, 4, 2, 1 track Scully 280's, and a high-rise building constructed of Dolby A's. No pads on the mic pre's as I remember. You used to have to go out and plug in a Shure pad into the mic box if/when there was an overload. The live room sounded great. Great mic collection: 47's, 67's, 49's etc. I was lucky enough to buy some of them from Bill when the studio closed in the late seventies and Bill brought some of his work to our Workshoppe Recording Studios in Douglaston. The Tuesday night WLIR-FM concert series started there and Michael, John and Jeff each did their share of wonderful shows. One Tuesday evening I walked into the control room and thought I was listening to a Tower of Power record that was already mixed and mastered. I turned around and noticed they were soundchecking in the studio and I was listening to John Bradley's live mix. Great band/great engineer. Those were the days. Eventually, the series moved over to Eppy's "My Father's Place" in Roslyn where I was lucky enough to do my share of live concert mixes for The Police, Hall and Oates, Charlie Daniels, Spencer Davis Group (that's the night I met my future wife). Over the next ten years or so, Jeff Kracke did most of the great shows. Sadly, he passed away last year. I did my share, and eventually Rob Bengston did the lion's share.
Ultra Sonic was a great place owned and operated by good, ethical, talented people. It was the first "professional" studio that I ever set foot in, and it set me off on my lifelong quest for the Holy Grail of great recorded sound. That first session was the night I met my lifelong friend Jeff Kracke. He and I eventually opened the Workshoppe Recording Studio in Douglaston, NY. Sorry to rattle on ...
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