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Well Chromaphone is such a good sound creating tool that I thought... hmm who needs soundsets?

I usually make my own patches and have a bit of an ego regarding sound/preset banks.

But then I started to dwell more into Chromaphone and I realized that this tool in the hand of a more talented, determined and gifted sound designer will yield fantastic results.

After just some quick preset browsing through Simon's excellent ChromaZone while playing with the computer keyboard I just felt extremely inspired.

What you get here in this soundpack is a high quality personal approach to a extremely good sounding instrument.

Simon's ear for texture and tonal changes are easily shown in his use of the onboard FX. I know exactly what you are thinking.. onboard fx are usually crap. Surprinsingly Chromaphone has a great reverb and some nice other tricks up it's sleeve like saturation,eq, delay.

In Simon's bank the use of them are never over the top as he actually uses them with subtleness. Let me put it this way : he uses all the given tools to help a good sound rather than mask lifelessness like in the usual presets.

Chad aka SilverSonya said a great thing once that sometimes "you can't put a price on inspiration"

And this is what I felt from his sound demos and what eventually got me to buy for the first time a preset bank.

So far I'm really happy with what AAS has achieved with this creation as it's way better (more realism, more texture and more natural weirdness) than their earlier fantastic effort Tension from Ableton Suite, and extremely pleased with many of the sounds I found in Simon's bank.

Anyway what's nice about a synth like this is that you can tweak what Simon already envisioned in new sounds to suit the creation you envision.

My point is they are really good per se and they can also be easily molded into something new.

I'll chime in later on after I used the banks some more with more details.