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I have recently found myself distracted in so many directions that a proper post/comment is to still be made...for now I can only say from the one bank I have dipped into that as usual with Simon's work, there is a new dimension to Chromaphone awaiting exploration with this set (and I got pretty deep into the factory sets so that is no 'light' remark).

Thanks for another great sound design extension/addition with your trademark quality and ear for coolness Simon. When I can stop myself from playing with all the cool new demos of 2012 (a few which I blame on you with all your nice demo experiments on Soundcloud) I hope to provide some better insights to my own experience with ChromaZone ;-)

Until then, I have to watch all my demo clocks and squeeze out some last sounds, I think several are nearing their expiration already!

My new slogan for 2012: 'WILL WORK FOR NFR's' :D