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Not modular but soundcraft ghost would be my choice. Cleanand simple. Wouldn't mess with cheap-o vintage desks that will surely have maintenance issues.
Did the Ghost already come up in this conversation? If not, I was wondering when someone would mention it. I feel like the Ghost is only slightly better than a Mackie 8 buss. And it's original asking price wasn't much more than the Mackie's if I remember right (non-midi mute version that is). You can get them for pennies on the dollar now and the mid range eq is pretty swell (fully parametric if I remember right). I just wonder how they sound. Tape-Op used to have a column called "Ghost Stories" about people's experiences with that board. I know Mike from Allen and Heath, who has commented frequently on this board in reference to the GSR24 and the ZED-R16, designed that console (or at least the pre's). I saw one going for like $1100 recently, but for the same money I could get the MCI/Sony MPX, if I could find one.

Still, I wanna see this Harrison first. Hell, even if it turned into a major ordeal I could at least rack some of the channels with their own power supply and keep the rest for parts, skipping the master section and buss and just have the strips. Find a pin out diagram for the connectors and make a powered rack for them. It's 36 channels, there's plenty of room for spare parts.

Back to Mike's designs for a second, I heard a recording/mix that was made through the ZED R-16 on this very website once. It sounded waaaay to clean for my ears. Needed just a touch more dirt and "glue". I know, there goes that word again. But it wasn't a bad recording at all. Just not as warm as I'd want from an analog buss, even if it was recorded digitally. But I have seriously thought about buying that board in the future just to have a dedicated 16 channel I/O interface that could simultaneously and independently record and mix a live show and be portable enough to make it worthwhile. It is possible with that board ya know. All you'd need is mics and a laptop with firewire (cables, stands, etc... yeah yeah). I just wish it had wordclock sync, as I'm sure many people wish.