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Cool. Thanks for the email. I'm checking things out a bit.

At first glance (I might post a few screen shots and things tomorrow) I see a pretty hot early reflection at about 2ms on both speakers. It is most likely your desk or your computer screens. It is about -15dB. I would try to find that reflection and get rid of it if possible. There are also 2 spikes in each left/right speaker. Right around 10ms and 15ms. Probably ceiling/side wall reflections. Maybe even your chair or floor or something. I'd hunt those down too.

The waterfalls look really nice. Things are SO much smoother. Not only the bottom end, but all the way up is just looking much better.

Something weird happening in the RT60. The absorption seems like it has actually made things less even in decay. Maybe someone else can look at this? I'm not exactly sure what's going on there. The low frequencies seemed to have evened out much, but the lower mids seem 'over trapped' even. I don't know if I will offer any input here. I would see if somebody that knows more than me can touch that one.

I think overall, things are shaping up nicely. The impulse response had tons of early reflections, and you seem to have gotten them taken care of besides about 3 of them. The low end/middle have much more smoothness to them. I don't get the RT60 thing going on.

Most important, have you had a chance to listen to any music in there yet? I'm sure with that drastic of a change in your measurements there should be some noticeable difference in real life sound. That is ultimately what matters.

I'll check back in tomorrow.