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Have you ever worked on a APC 1000? Anyone that has say its one of the best sounding and user friendly desks in history. So I wouldn't discredit a desk that you have never even seen, let alone other ameks, etc.

I also think your idea of outboard is over the top. All I would need is a good 1176 and maybe a la2 on top of my 48ch of kepex II. But thats my opinion, and we all have our certain way we like to work. : )
Never worked on the APC 1000, so that may indeed be a great Amek. The 2500s are good too, forgot to mention that. But they also (just like Trident) made some pretty crappy stuff too !!

Didn't mean to come accross so boldly, but I stand by my position on the outboard issue. You need at least 20 channels of "mojo" type outboard (or plugin equivalents) to cover all the bases on rock/pop/metal mixes -- unless you do all that at tracking, in which case you'd better be at the top of your game !! And I don't mean 10db of GR either (unless for paralell comp), I'm talking just on the inserts and barely even seeing the GR needle move at all. I'm talking stuff like la2as, pultecs, cl1b, 436c, gates sta level, 1176 (blue stripe & black rev d/e), la3a, la4, dbx 165 -- ya know, pretty much all the "standard" mojo stuff or newer variations thereof. The real pros use these for "color" rather than any type of real compression.

In all honesty, the outboard is much more of a factor than any console IMHO. That's why you see so many of these guys going hybrid these days, though to me that's like trying to run a marathon with prosthetic legs.

I've had the good fortune to sit in on 3 MAJOR rock artist tracking sessions that were later mixed ITB. What I can tell you is that 99.9% of all the "mojo" processing was done in the tracking phase with all the standard $MONEY$ "mojo" gear. It's pretty funny when you see $150,000 worth of mics, pres, comps, verbs, delays, eqs, etc. being used as the front end into PT; even funnier to know that 99.9% of all the knob tweaking and ear candy was accomplished at that stage by peeps who were at the top of their game and knew what they were doing.

Then you're falling off your chair laughing later when you hear peeps around here sayin: "hey, they mixed that record fully ITB so that means it's all just about talent".

PT Barnum is more relevant today than ever