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Old 26th December 2011
To be honest there is a huge difference. More audible then between 7 "sound close" summing devices.

First of all thank you all who pronounced your opinion loud and made this result possible. Especially you, DPile!

Digital audio messed up music industry last 15 years. The huge influence of plugs did their work and audio became ... "bla bla".. non charismatic or "dead". Its quiet audible in ITB example that all aspects of the song has no "attitude" at all (please be assure I’m talking about sound delivery, mix and the song are great) and just reproduce "ones and zeroes" in near perfect way.

Les Paul said an amazing thing to Rode CEO: "What we hear in our very hard to explain."

How to explain? Just get that 3 same records and "hear". I mean feel and understand the message. Vibes that you hear (should) make your body move or dance (Bob Katz loudness war presentation). In other words should anyhow force to keep listening.

1) I rather switch.
2) Nice drive
3) Mushy, 1 is better.


1) You will find out that ITB bothers you and simply is just "too much information to understand" so our brain says "no" - stop hearting me by that "concrete" tuff linear information. That’s why best ITB songs has only 4 tracks - vocal, kick, snare, simple bass or melody. But in this particular situation we hear tons of information. Did you notice "by-your-self" that you didn’t want to listen more than 10 seconds to the original and rather listen to converter test to the almost end to find out which sounds better? It’s not because you exactly know what are you hearing but it makes you be interested in sound. In this example our psychology is not familiar with a song - so any aggressive aspect would mean reject and it would take time and push our knowledge to enjoy the song.

3) Aurora is definitely hi-end build and its delivery is close to original. But the bottom end boosted and squashed at the time (take a listen to entering of bass guitar in the beginning) - sound like there is something "strange" and makes you ask yourself "what was that?.. Wired".. Then the first snare sounds like mosquito bite..and then our incalculable „custom build-in equalizers and compressors made by best architecture in the universal" ear solve the problem by simple adjusting to the source we listen. We know what we are going to hear and can relax a bit. It’s important to say that overall image is really good. The mids are better than B and it has its moody flavor. The character sounds like BMW X5 ride.

- brand name for studio
- good mid and hi-mid translation with pleasant sound.

- overall mushy sound
- boosting low end
- lost def in top end
- overwhelms in a bad way (overwhelms can be sweet for example on Fat Bustard summing device but definitely not in this case).
- lost of quality

Average: One of the top 8 channel ADDA converters money can buy. Good stereo image and mid definition. Suitable for country, jazz, blues RnB music console thing purpose.

2) The first 5 sec. test was obvious that this converter is better, smoother, louder and more dynamic. After long comparison can talk about only few cons:

- the whole image and depth is bit smashed
- the definition is bit lost in mids (audiable data lost in quiet singer pronunciation passage)
- the top end is boosted
- lost of quality

and the best part is benefits:

- transparency
- very suitable character for rock, pop, hip-hop, classic, and electronic music!
- DAAD sounds like nasty effect I want to use
- Hi end sounds like "song is done".

Average: I cant imagine this song without that particular sound colour. It has that LA2A flavor and that lovely distortion on siblings or aggressive high parts. Sounds like final version of the song. Love to listen again and again. Even 32 times DAAD converted audio sound is audible and emotional (means more than listenable). Where I want to share that tone? Nissan GT-R with 850hp.

Guys.. sorry to say that. I guess I am that MTV generation dude. But still half life experienced 23 year old engineer hearing signals above 18 kHz and I’ve done thousand of recordings. My ear is more sensitive than would be after 25 or even 5 years. And I don’t have a problem with monitoring neither. I also don’t have a problem with old guys recommending me opposite because I trust my ears first.

Problem of most SE is materialism. Sometimes you should be above multimillion studio brands and just "create". That is our job 2 do.

Why did ADA8000 beat Aurora? Almost everyone would tell you it sounds better. He would not know why or how.. what brand is it.. what compressor is used or how much times track is converted.. It’s just "better" ( in this particular situation ) because we have a better feeling of listening. And that’s what counts - first 5 seconds.

In this review, I was not focused on the price of units.

Thank you
Just my 2¢