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Software Soundset ChromaZone for Chromaphone released on patchpool

I just released this soundset for Chromaphone:

This soundset contains 100 original patches and 22 variations for Chromaphone by AAS. I focussed on emulations of known and und unknown instruments like mallets, bells, chimes, plucked strings, keyboards, hybrid strangers and percussive sounds as well as experimental patches, lush pads, dark drones, beautiful textures, funky synths and funny noises.
As soon as AAS updates Chromaphone to add Pitchbend, Microtuning, Aftertouch and whatever else I will add these controls to the patches and all customers will receive a free update of ChromaZone.

Combining materials like metal, skin and wood with elements like air and articulations like beating, plucking and bowing can create physically modelled instruments that are hard to describe with words. Although they might sound familiar due totheir "organic" nature, words sometimes fail to describe what they "really are" and how they actually sound. Quite a few of these hybrid strangers are included in ChromaZone.
Chromaphone is advertised as a percussion synthesizer which in my opinion only covers a smaller aspect of it's virtues. Physical modeling has been rivaling with conventional sampling for years in terms of emulating "realism". The creation of sonic "surrealism" based on organic sounding materials is a far more powerful aspect of this technology and Chromaphone in particular.

You can view/download the PDF for ChromaZone with more details, the licence agreement and the patch list including playing tips and descriptions for each patch here.

Price: 20 €
Delivery: Email

Product page with demos

Thank's for reading

Simon Stockhausen