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When your budget for gear is so small that room treatment would cut into having enough inputs or microphones to get the job done, you don't have much choice. I would never master myself, and when I mix I listen in as many different rooms and on as many different speakers as possible.

I'd love to have the perfect room, but since I don't I have to deal with it. The point is that to those who can't afford such luxuries for a small setup, being constantly told that room treatment is the most important piece of gear ever is pretty ridiculous.
You and I are closer then you would think from your other statement..

So true. I wish more people around here were less worried about getting GS approval for their purchases and techniques and more concerned with trying to be original and doing the best with what they have.

But I still contend that the expense is not "out of this world" and not out of reach of most people. If you are fine going back and forth to different systems trying to remember what to fix and it works for you then that is all that matters.

Back in the day I stupidly bought great converters before great monitors, a great preamp and room treatment... thanks gearslutz!!!
I would never call you or anyone else stupid for any purchase they did to upgrade, but I have done this long enough to know what makes the biggest difference. Experience!!!!!!!!!!!! Bet you thought I was going to say acoustics didn't you?

The fact of the matter is it all counts, but (for me) having a good foundation (acoustics) is way up there in the "to do" list.

And just to point out, just being set up right in the room can cost you nothing and make a HUGE impact on the accuracy of what you are hearing.

One of our dealers in Europe did a video with testing a room before and after treatment. He also recorded music with and without (starting around 3:15 in the video) so you can hear the difference.
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